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Music Technology ICT

ITC ClassInformation and Communication Technology (ICT) is a means of storing, processing and presenting information electronically through a number of media. Information and Communication Technologies such as computers provide a variety of tools to increase the probability that students will learn new skills and concepts.


Through the study of ICT, our students expand their knowledge and understanding of music technology by being actively involved in experiencing, investigating, manipulating and using information in a variety of forms including text, symbols, sound, graphics, photographs, shockwave, virtual reality, music and video. By offering students new tools to understand music technology concepts in action, it provides opportunities for deeper understanding and more productive and independent learning.


ITC RoomRecognising the need to support a learning process that is radically different from that found in traditional educational teaching techniques, the PLC Music Technology Course Co-ordinator Mr. Terry Hackett has developed an interactive computer based tutorial for teaching Sound Engineering and Music Technology. The aim of this tutorial is to provide an educational environment taking the form of a comprehensive interactive tutorial that concentrates on the different aspects of music technology. Areas covered include Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Sound Recording Techniques, MIDI, and Digital Signal Processing. Students are guided through concepts with useful aids such as text, graphics, sound and video. The tutorial is intended to support the taught Sound Engineering and Audio Technology FETAC modules and contains over 230 slides. The use of an audio-visual projector further enhances the learning experience for students.


For students wishing to explore music technology deeper and independently, a supplementary multimedia Electroacoustic Music Electroacoustic Music Tutorial Screen Shottutorial is also available. Developed by Brian Howlett, this comprehensive computer based tutorial explores electroacoustic styles, composers, and the history of music technology. To support learning, a multitude of multimedia resources are included to provide a degree of educationally useful interactivity. The tutorial is divided into 5 main sections where section 1 provides an introduction to electroacoustic fundamentals, history and composition. Section 2 introduces the theories and practice of musique concrete, synthesis, acousmatic, and soundscape composition. Section 3 examines the foremost influential composers of electroacoustic music while section 4 concentrates on how technological advances have impacted upon electroacoustic composition. Lastly, section 5 provides the student with a wealth of relevant resources for further research and learning such as virtual reality, shockwave tutorials, listening pages, three audio games, Internet links and glossaries. The tutorial is intended to append the Sound Engineering and Audio Technology FETAC Modules.