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E-Learning Resources

Hello and welcome to the E-Learning Resource pages of Kylemore College. In these pages you will find a large collection of selected and reviewed links to e-learning resources that are relevant to the Junior and Senior Cycle of the Irish education system.

Electronic learning or “E-learning” is a general term used to refer to computer-enhanced learning. It can include the use of web-based teaching materials and hypermedia in general, multimedia web sites, discussion boards, e-mail, blogs, wikis, and text chat, computer aided assessment, educational animation, simulations, games, or a combination of different methods being used.

E-learning is interesting, rewarding and educational. Anyone who really wants to learn, will learn, by expanding their knowledge and understanding of subjects by being actively involved in experiencing, investigating, manipulating and using information in a variety of forms. This can include text, symbols, sound, graphics, photographs, shockwave, virtual reality, and video. E-learning provides opportunities for deeper understanding and more productive and independent learning.

The site is categorised into 4 main sections linked at the top of the page – Junior Cycle – Senior Cycle - General Links and a Teacher Resource page. Navigating, surfing and finding your way around the site is easy. The Junior and Senior Cycle pages contain subject related e-learning links located at the right hand side of the screen. Navigate your way through these pages to find material that is relevant to your studies. All links will pop-up in a new browser window.

The General Links page contains hyperlinks to information relevant on being a secondary-level student in Ireland – For example: grants, colleges, student unions, career guidance, banking, travel and books.

Please also visit the Surfing the Internet Safely page to acquire educational resources, advice and information about potential dangers on the Internet. It will empower you to minimise or avoid these risks.

Enjoy and happy surfing!