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School Organisation

Advisory Sub-Committee

The College has an Advisory Sub-Committee comprised of members of the teaching profession, local parents, business people and members of the CDVEC itself. Its function is to provide support, advice and a forum for college management and college developments.


Examinations And Reports

Full school examinations are held at Christmas and Summer as well as mock examinations in February for those sitting Public Examinations. Full reports are sent to parents detailing attendance, conduct and academic progress.


Awards / Sanctions

Students are expected to conduct themselves to the highest standards of behaviour, courtesy and respect in dealing with both the staff and other students in the College. There is a policy in the College to reward both good behaviour and good attendance.

Form Tutor
In Kylemore College the role of the Form Tutor is very important. Each morning Form Tutors meet their classes for a ten minute period. The Form Tutor provides support and advice for students and provides a vital contact with parents.


Each student must wear the correct uniform as prescribed by the school. The Junior Cycle uniform consists of grey trouser, grey shirt with red and grey striped tie and a red jumper, while the Senior Cycle uniform is the same but for a grey jumper. PE uniform consists of a white top with red shorts and black or navy tracksuit bottoms. Uniforms can only be purchased from local suppliers. Please contact the general office for details.