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Educational Support

Home / School / Community Liaison Co-Ordinator

Kylemore College offers a warm welcome to parents when they visit our school. Our
Home/School community co-ordinator is developing parental involvement in the school and is also involved with local committees who are helping to meet the needs of the community. He visits parents at home and works with them to develop ideas that will help them and their children.


Parent/guardian support for attendance and study is a fundamental part of the school going years of a student. Strong school/parent-guardian links and communication will be maintained throughout all programmes within the school. Information evenings form part of the introduction to all programmes and continue throughout the years a student spends with us in Kylemore College.


Career Guidance / Counsellor

Advice and up-to-date information on third level education, career choices and job opportunities is provided by an experienced full-time Career Guidance Counsellor. Identifying suitable careers for students, assisting in the production of curriculum vitae, preparing students for interviews and arranging visits to career exhibitions are among the services offered by the Counsellor. A personal counselling service to students is also provided on an ongoing basis.