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Leaving Cert Applied

Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) in Kylemore College is a two-year programme of study and continual assessment leading to the award of the Leaving Certificate Applied by the Department of Education. It is a distinct, self-contained two-year programme designed for preparing students for adult and working life.
The LCA sets out to identify the talents of all students and to provide opportunities for developing personal responsibility, self-esteem and self-knowledge. The programme also focuses on the talents of each student and helps students apply what they learn to the real world. Students with the Leaving Certificate Applied can go on to FÁS Apprenticeship programmes. Many students go directly to employment.


Institutions who accept Leaving Certificate Applied include:

  • Most PLC courses
  • FÁS Apprenticeships Courses (50 credits)
  • ESB Apprenticeships
  • CIE Apprenticeships
  • Gardaí (merit)
  • Clerical Officer in the Civil
  • Service and Local Authorities
  • Health Boards and Hospitals
  • Bank of Ireland (distinction)
  • Ulster Bank (distinction)
  • National Irish Bank (merit)


The two-year programme consists of four half-year blocks called sessions. Achievements are credited in each session. Each course consists of a number of modules. Each module takes place over half a year. There is also a wide range of practical courses, called vocational specialisms, from which the student can choose.