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Leaving Certificate

The Leaving Certificate in Kylemore College is a two-year programme of study during which we support and guide students towards the successful completion of the Leaving Certificate exam. It is assessed through a written examination at the end of the two-year programme. There are practical examinations and project work in certain subjects. There are also oral examinations in Irish and foreign languages. The practical and oral tests take place during the final year of the programme.

Student Enrichment Services

Leaving Certificate students benefit greatly from study seminars organised to help them devise a way of studying so they reach their true potential. Each class is assigned a tutor who is available to assist students where necessary and guide the class through the two years.

New Era Scheme

Kylemore College is very proud of its special links with Dublin universities within the New Era scheme which enable our students to transfer successfully between school and university. Junior and senior students attend courses in UCD during the Summer months and also attend extra classes with UCD students during the school year.