About Us

Kylemore College is part of the City of Dublin Education and Training Board and was established in 1964. Our College is a co-educational post primary school providing a high quality education to local people within the greater Ballyfermot area. A comprehensive academic curriculum is promoted in addition to a wide ranging programme of extra curricular activities. We are aware of the importance and value placed on education in the local community and accordingly we have set high standards and expectations for all members of our school community: parents, pupils and staff.

The philosophy of Kylemore College is one of inclusiveness in which the college supports the principles of partnership, equality of access and participation. Parental involvement plays a key role in the success of all students. We support and encourage parents to actively engage in their child’s education. Parents are represented on the College’s Board of Management and there is a vibrant Parent’s Committee.

The staff of Kylemore College will always strive to inspire students and encourage them to develop all their abilities to the full. We are focused on success and on providing  a quality education for the people of our community which we serve.

Ms. Deirdre Nolan

Quality Statement

All policy decisions made in Kylemore College are based on the philosophy that the college exists to serve the needs of our students. The work that is carried out in the classroom by the subject teachers is the priority of this college.
Kylemore College is committed, within the resources at its disposal, to:

  • Ensuring that students and staff feel valued, respected and successful
  • Ensuring the safety and security of all its students and staff
  • Maintaining and enhancing high levels of study and teaching
  • Providing a caring environment for students and staff

If you are accepted onto any of the courses in Kylemore College it is on the understanding that you want to raise your achievement levels. The staff are dedicated to achieving the best for all students. We will set targets for you and we expect your full co-operation.
Students are admitted to courses without regard to race, colour, creed, sex, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.


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The College will endeavour to adhere to the timetables. However, amendments may be necessitated due to illness of staff or for any other unavoidable reason.
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