Application for Music Courses
To apply for Music LessonsPlease log on to
and follow the 'New Applicant' prompts
Choose your preferred instrument from the drop-down menu.
Fill out the address and contact details as fully as possible.
We will contact you re places, subject to availability.
Once we have offered you a place, you can proceed to enrolment.
Please note that your fee entitles you to additional theory and ensemble classes and we can advise you of these when you enrol.
As we resume music lessons in September, please check the Music Centre homepage for regular updates

How to Apply

To apply, please log on to

and follow the ‘New Applicant’ instructions.

Example: If you are applying for Piano lessons, please choose ‘One to One Instrumental lessons – half hour’ in the left hand menu, and ‘Piano – Half hour’ in the right hand menu.

Once we have received your application, the Music Office will contact you about places, etc

Costs for 2022-2023 Music Centre Year (September-May)

  • €400 for all students under the age of 21 in full time study. This includes half hour of individual tuition and one hour of theory of music class per week .
  • €800 for one hour of individual tuition plus theory class (for higher grade students only).
  • €200 for Pre-Instrumental, Music Theory or €100 for Ensemble class only.

Associated Board Exam fees are paid separately through the year.
Please pay careful attention to our strict closing dates for enrolment and exam fees.

Keyboards and Pianos

Please note the distinction between pianos and keyboards. We expect our piano students to have pianos and do not recommend learning piano on a keyboard (i.e. piano instruments powered by electricity). We have a limited amount of classes available for students with keyboards. It is important to specify exactly whether piano or keyboard lessons are being applied for. This is to prevent any misunderstanding when the student is called for interview prior to the first lesson.

If you have any queries concerning the enrolment or tuition process, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or alternatively contact:
Gerard Flanagan at 01- 626 5901 (Choose Music Centre on menu)  or email