Music School News

We are currently updating the Application process. In the meantime, If you wish to apply for music lessons in Kylemore for September 2021, please email me at with your/your child’s name and your preferred instrument (list below). If you have any queries, please include them in your email. Depending on availability, we will contact […]
Subject to change!!                         Version 2 – 16th June, 2021 Pre-Inst              Sat          9.00 – 10.00                       Ms J. Hughes                                Room 18 Pre-Inst              Weds      4.30 – 5.30                         Ms E. Saunders                            Room 308 Initial I                Sat.         9.00 – 10.00                        Ms L Hutchings                            Room 305 Initial I               Weds       4.00 – 5.00                         Ms N. McGarry                            Room 309 Initial II              […]
16th June 2021  Dear Music Parents etc / and Students,  Thank you very much for your support of our Music Centre throughout the academic year 20/21. Although we were fully online, teachers commented on very high levels of participation and enjoyment.  We are planning to return to the building in the Autumn! Please read the following carefully and contact me at the Music Office (details below) if you have any queries,  Many thanks […]