*Leaving Certificate 2020*

Accessing Calculated Grades Results online on 7th September-information for students and parents.


Draft Theory Timetable 2022/23

Plus Ensembles and Leaving Cert

Subject to change!!


Pre-Inst              Sat          9.00 – 10.00                       J. Hughes                                 Room 18

Pre-Inst              Weds      4.30 – 5.30                         E. Saunders                            Gym

Initial I                Sat.         9.00 – 10.00                        L Hutchings                            Room 305

Initial I               Weds       4.00 – 5.00                         N. McGarry                            Room 309

Initial II              Sat            9.00 – 10.00                      E Saunders                             Room 309

Initial II              Weds       5.00 – 6.00                         N. McGarry                            Room 309                                         

Grade I               Sat.          9.00 – 10.00                        L. McGuinness                      Room 32

Grade I               Sat            9.00 – 10.00                      C. Farrell                                 Room 201

Grade I               Wed         6.15-7.15                           N. McGarry                            Room 308

Grade II              Sat.          9.00 – 10.00                        E. Sweeney                   Room 304

Grade II              Sat.          9.00 – 10.00                       E. O’Keeffe                            Room 203

Grade II              Wed         5.30 – 6.45                        E. Saunders                            Room 308

Grade  II             Thurs       4.30  –  5.30                       E. Cloke                                  Room 214

Grade III             Sat             9.00 – 10.00                     F. Neves                                   Room 104

Grade III             Sat             9.00 – 10.00                     T. Carruth                                Room 306

Grade III            Wed           5.00 – 6.00                  C. Farrell                                        Room 109

Grade IV            Sat             9.00 – 10.30                      T. Shortall                                Room 112

Grade IV            Sat.            9.00 – 10.30                      N McGarry                               Room 308

Grade IV            Tues            6.30 – 8.00                      G. Stynes                            Room 109

Grade V Sat          9.00 – 10.45                           G. Stynes                              Room 109

Grade V             Sat          9.00 –  10.00                       J. Healy                             Room 3

Grade V             Thurs          6.00 –   7.30                    E. Tierney                         Room 306

Grade VI Year 1 Sat         9.00-11.00                        J. Lambert                        Room 111             T

Grade VI Year 2 Sat.             9.00 – 11.00                   E. McCormack                      Room 101

Grade VI            Weds       6.30- 8.15                         E. Tierney                         Room 111

Grade VII           Sat.              9.00 – 11.00                   Mr E. Tierney                             Room 214

Grade VIII         Sat.              11.00 – 12.                      Mr E. Tierney                             Room 214

Adult theory classes:

Adult A    Grades 3-4           Sat 10.30-11.30               N. McGarry               Room 305

Adult B    Grades 4-5           Tues 8.00 – 9.30               G Stynes                      Room 109

Adult C    Grades 5-6           Sat 10.00-11.15               C. Farrell                      Room 201



Music Centre Ensembles

Junior Choir                                          Sat 10.15-11.15           Lisa McGuinness/Jonathan Healy

Glee Club                                              Sat  11.15-12.00          Lisa McGuinness/Jonathan Healy

Songwriting                                          Sat  12.00-12.45          Lisa McGuinness/Jonathan Healy

Guitar Orchestra                                 Sat 11.15-12.15                                        Elaine McCormack

Junior Recorder Ensemble                Sat 8.30-9                                                  Lisa Hutchings

Senior Recorder Ensemble                Sat 11.15-12.15                                       Lisa Hutchings

Early Music Ensemble                        Sat 10.30-11.30                                       Éamon Sweeney

Wind Ensemble                                    Sat 12.30-1.30                                         Éamonn O’Keeffe

Classical Strings                                    Sat 12.30-1                                              Mona McMahon

Kylemore College Orchestra              Sat 1 – 2                                                   Mona McMahon

Kylemore College String Ensemble   Sat 2 – 3                                                   Mona McMahon

Harp Ensemble                                    Weds 6.30-7.30                                       Claire O’Donnell

Cello Ensemble                                   Weds 7.00-8.00                                        Jane Hughes

Jazz Ensemble                                     Tues 7.00 – 8.30                  Fábio Neves/Eimear Saunders

There is no additional fee for participation in our ensembles !

We also have Leaving Cert Music classes.  There is no extra charge for these classes for enrolled students:

Leaving Cert (5th Year)            Thursday  7-9                  Judy Lambert

Leaving Cert (6th Year)            Thursday  5-7                 Judy Lambert


How to Apply

If you wish to apply for music lessons in Kylemore Music Centre for September 2022, please click on the following link, and select the ‘New Applicant’ option.

Choose your preferred instrument from the drop-down menu, and fill out the address and contact details as fully as possible. We will contact you re places, subject to availability. We will proceed to enrolment/payment only when a class day and time has been agreed with you.

Please email me at if you have any queries etc.

Instruments available: Voice, Piano, Keyboard, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Harp, Guitar (all styles), Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone, Drums, Percussion.

PreInstrumental class for 6 year olds, Music Theory, Leaving Cert Music.

Choir, Orchestra and Ensembles!


Re-Enrolment 2022/23 Information

April 13th, 2022

Dear Music Centre Student / Parent.

Our site is now live for one to one class re-enrolment. To pay your fees for 2022/23, please log on to:

Your username is your email. You may need to reset the password.  Don’t worry if you have not finalised a class time.  This can be done with your teacher after you re-enrol.

Please email at if you have any queries

Many thanks

Gerard Flanagan

Music Centre 


Music Centre Terms and Conditions

Please see attached for Terms and Conditions related to enrolling in CDETB Music Centre, Kylemore College for 2020/2021


Important Notice regarding Childcare Courses

Recently, fundamental changes to the structure of the Childcare award have been announced and are due to come into effect in September 2023. It now seems that due to the extent of these changes, it will not be feasible to run the new Childcare course in our part-time night-course setting from that date.
Should you wish to complete your major award at level 5 or 6 in childcare under the existing award structure, you must do so before September 2023. After that time, you will have to engage with QQI and/or a provider who is offering the new Childcare award regarding credit for your previously completed components against the new award.
Please let us know what modules/components you would like to enrol onto by completing this form ….


School Contact Details during Covid-19 Medical Emergency

Attached is a list of contacts for the main school, but also for Year Heads, Guidance Department, Home School Community Liaison (HSCL). SEN Department.

We ask students and parents to respectfully email teachers and support staff between the hours of 9.00-3.00pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) and 9.00- 12.00 on Wednesday.